Sean Dougherty



Ello is designed by creators, for creators. A community of creators sharing amazing work and positive interactions. I work on a cross-functional team of engineers building our iOS and Android apps. Following the lead of companies like Artsy we are transitioning everything we possibly can to open source. Ello’s values as a public benefit corporation align with my own. Respecting the user, respecting their privacy and data, and not being shady make working on the product a pleasure. Ello’s scale and product offer a continual set of learning opportunities. The stack includes ~ 20 back end and front end applications working together. I’ve learned a ton about service-oriented architecture, distributed systems and Ello is my first full Swift iOS app, a big plus. At the time of launch in June of 2015 we were likely one of the largest 100% Swift apps in the app store. ELLO App Link


GoSpotCheck provides real-time field intelligence through their mobile data collection platform. I worked with a team of engineers building and maintaining GoSpot’s iOS, Android and Rails applications. GoSpot has such a great culture that I left the consulting world to join them full time. My interest and love for testing and pair programming was fostered through my interactions and time spent at GoSpot. GoSpotCheck App Link


CirrusMD is a telemedicine platform that connects patients and doctors through real time video and chat. I built the first version of their iOS application. CirrusMD is a great company and a wonderful group of people. This project was particularly interesting due to it’s use of realtime 2-way video, audio and web sockets for text chat. CirrusMD App Link


Storyvine allows storytellers to self-produce interviews via a structured, data-driven platform and iOS app. I helped build and maintain their iOS app. This project gave me the opportunity to work with large video capture and custom video player UI. A key area of interest for me involved implementing background uploads, pausing, resuming and synchronization of multi-gigabyte collections of files. Storyvine App Link


SNOCRU is an app built for snowsports enthusiasts. Using the device’s GPS and a network of other users SNOCRU enables you to track your runs, locate friends on mountain and compete on leaderboards for runs, speed and vertical feet. SNOCRU was my first project as a consultant that required landing the client, planning, designing and building a back end, web app, Android app and iOS app. Over the course of 2 years I released several updates to all three products while managing a 6 person development and design team. Most of my time was spent writing the iOS app. One of my favorite parts of my time on SNOCRU was learning about and utilizing the unique features and capabilities of mobile devices. To this day SNOCRU is the only application I’ve written code for while riding a gondola up and down a mountain to fine tune ski run tracking and mapping features. SNOCRU App Link

Red Robin

My first client iOS app was the restaurant chain Red Robin’s Customizer. Released in March of 2011, it allowed me to cut my teeth on Core Data, Core Graphics and Cocoa Touch in general. While I’d probably cringe looking at the code I wrote back then I’m incredibly proud and grateful I was able to build it. This project took my career in an awesome direction towards native mobile app development and I’ve loved it ever since. Red Robin Customizer App Link