Sean Dougherty

Work History

CirrusMD – Principal Engineer

July 2017 – Present

CirrusMD removes barriers and makes it easy for patients to instantly connect with a doctor, specialist or non-clinical resource within 90 seconds using a chat-based platform. As Principal Engineer I lead the front-end development team. We maintain native iOS and Android applications, SDKs for both platforms, and a React web application. Most of my day-to-day is spent writing Swift in the iOS applications and iOS SDK.

Ello, PBC – Mobile Lead & VP Engineering

December 2014 – July 2017

As Mobile lead I develop and oversee both of Ello’s Android and iOS applications. Our mobile team has between 2 and 7 engineers depending on the greater engineering team’s focus. We encourage engineers to work in all areas of the product. Most of my time is spent in Swift but a week of work may see commits written in Java, React.js, Rails, Go and Lua.

As VP Engineering I managed a team of 8 diverse engineers working on Ello’s suite of roughly 20 applications and services working in concert to deliver millions of posts and interactions across Ello’s network.

process255 – Owner

May 2009 – December 2014

proces255 is a mobile development consultancy offering mobile and back end development. While running process255 I worked with agencies, existing development teams and greenfield startups. Many of the projects involved solo iOS development while others required me to build teams of 5 or 6 developers to deliver APIs, websites, Android and iOS apps. I worked as business owner, developer and product manager. My clients included SNOCRU, RedRobin, StoryVine, CirrusMD, Mode Set, Factory Design Labs, GoSpotCheck and Ello. Starting in 2010 I focused primarily on native iOS development.

GoSpotCheck – Principal Mobile Engineer

May 2014 – September 2014

Lead the development of GoSpotCheck’s iOS application written in Objective-C using TDD and CI to deliver stable, performant and timely releases on an 8 developer agile programming team. My primary contributions to the product involved writing Objective-C with a smaller amount of time spent working on the Android and Rails apps.

Factory Design Labs – Lead User Interface Developer, User Interface Development Director & Sr. Director of Interactive Services

April 2007 – October 2009

Management of Interactive Services staff, client relationships, client projects, revenue generation, financial reporting and budgeting, and executive duties. Department head of a 15+ person development team consisting of user interface, application, iPhone, mobile and game developers.

Xylem Interactive – Web Developer & Technical Manager

October 2004 – April 2007

Lead the development team responsible for delivering web applications, desktop applications and interactive marketing components authored in .NET, Flash, HTML/CSS/JavaScript and Java. Technical liaison to all clients and non-technical internal staff.

Cramer – Sr. Designer

March 2003 – October 2004

Responsibilities included creative ideation, design and development of HTML/CSS/JS and Flash based interactive projects.

Kaminsky Strategik Design – Designer

November 2001 – March 2003

Print and Interactive design. Development of all interactive projects using both Flash and HTML/CSS/JS.